Image:  Dim Balsem

Image: Dim Balsem


Hi there!

My name is Julien Rademaker and I'm responsible for everything you see on this site. It is a mix of my work as interior designer, stylist, graphic designer, stuff I did as an art director for advertising agencies and everything I initiate for 'Gevonden Op Marktplaats', my Bisou Gallery and twentyfirstofjune.

What makes me tick? Trying to create or combine unexpected elements in such a way that they strengthen each other. This is an intuitive proces in which I try not to be hindered by the status quo, dogma's or doctrines. It is the result that counts, no matter the ingredients.  

I used to do this in 2d, but since I started my blog 'Gevonden Op Marktplaats', I have the chance to do styling and art direction assignments in which I can project my ideas into physical environments as well.

Anyway. If you would like to know a bit more about me, you should check my interview on Freunde von Freunden. They are better with words and took some pretty good pictures too.

My current fixation is manifold: more styling projects, filtering and selling art, working on the next Salon and setting up a gallery slash shop that has a collection that changes all the time. I guess I will be busy for a little while longer. :-) 

Want to work with me, share your enthusiasm for certain artists or just ask me something? Send me an email.

Thanks for stopping by,

Julien Rademaker




Email me: julien at julesdavid dot com